The Festive food


Janmashtami festival is celebrated with great zeal by Hindus all over India. Lord Krishna was born under extraordinary circumstances on the day.Sri Krishna is considered as the one of the most powerful human incarnations of the Lord Vishnu. People enjoy in the merrymaking at the midnight of ashtami, by singing devotional songs and dancing to the tune of bhajans.People keep fast for the whole day and at mid night they give bath called Abhishek,to the new born baby Shri Bal Gopal with five kind of liquid i.e. Ghee , Water ,Milk, honey and yogurt and decorate the idol with new cloths and jewelry specially made for the idol . Devotee serve festive food to the idol Basically the food contains Puri , Potato curry,Kheer,Fruits and many more. Devotees have that food later than. Temples prepare at least one hundred and eight different food dishes on Janmashtami.There are many more things to do in Janmashtmi . I shared only the way we celebrate it at home. This is one of my Favorite festivals.


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