Badam Ka Halwa (Almond Pudding)


Almonds have a great nutrition value in it. Badam Halwa is a very popular in India and a healthy pudding. It doesn’t contains much of ingredients but though its tasty specially for those who have sweet tooth. It takes too much of your time but its worth it.
Here is the recipe that i followed.

Almonds (2 cups)
milk (2 cup)
sugar (2 cups)
Ghee (1 cups)
4-5 saffron strands
Cardamom powder

Soak almonds overnight. Skin the almonds and grind in mixer/blender to make a thick paste with milk.Heat rest of the milk and add saffron strands in it.Let the milk thickens.

Heat a thick pan and add ghee in it. When Ghee is hot add badam paste in it And stir it

around 10-15 mins. Now add milk and suger in it. Cook it till it thickens and start leaving

Ghee. Add ghee little by little stirring continuously on low heat.


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