Ginger Pickle “Adrak Ka Aachar”


AAchar…………. What i die for…..
I love eating tangy pickles of india..Before my marraige there were not any day When i skipped having pickle in my meal… Sour , spicy , Sweet , Tangy…Pickles come in everytaste..But what If u can not eat those spicy ,oily , tasty pickle due to your oily skin ???

Yes, thats what happend with me..since i m having Acne on my face i can’t even think to having the pickle..though i m very fond of these… 😦
So i found the alternative…What if i can not have pickle with so much oil and spices.. There are many options with that i can stop craving for pickles..
I still remembers the recipe my mother uses for making oilless pickles.

Here is one of the pickle recipe..
Ginger Pickle…

Ginger Has many benefits…

1.Good for digestion
2.Helps in Cold and flu
3.Increase Hunger
4.Give taste to the food
5.Helps in travel sickness and nosea and many more

What if you get a recipe that makes ginger taste much better…. Here it is

1.200 grams Ginger ,cut into thin and long slices jus liek you cut carrots for noodles.
2.One lime
4.Red Chile
5.turmaric (optional) Give color to the pickle and also antibotic.
6.Roasted cumin podwer (optional)

Take ginger slices add salt ,turmeric and chili in it.. Mix very well….Add lemon juice and put in a a glass jar… mix the juice and mixture well…Keep for day in sunlight.

I know this hard to get sunlight these days… so Jus wait for 2 days otherwise leave putting turmeric in it.


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