Dry color Art !!


It’s a Christmas Season why not to decorate the house with the unique idea or make a card with some different trick…..

For this Art you need the following things

1. Paper sheet (any size)
2. Dry powder colors (I used Rangolie colors)
3. Strong Glue
4. Sparkle Color Tubes

Cut your sheet according to Frame size or if u r using this art in making cards then make a card shape.
Draw any random design on it. Put some Glue on the specific area Where u want to stick dry color.Than throw…. Yes.. Throw  color on to the glue area and press it well….Now remove excess color from the sheet by just shaking the sheet . In a same way complete rest of the drawing area.Once your draw area is all set with the colors now its time to decorate it. I used sparkle colors to decorate it.. U can use your own idea.. 🙂

Merry Christmas !!


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