Vegetable Spring Rolls


Finally I m succeeded in making spring rolls 😀 . I am very fond of Chinese food but in the Indian way 😉  But though being in Hong Kong i dint find that taste here.. and there is very few restaurants that offers vegetable spring rolls . Being a vegetarian its very difficult here :(.  I tried spring rolls 2-3 times but never succeeded and always messed up with that thin sheet of spring rolls. But this time I learnt the method of rolling it through some website and tried again and yes…  it was amazing.. Crispy and Tasty . Here is the recipe :

For filling :

Shredded Cabbage

shredded Carrot

Green Pepper

Spring onion

Lit. Ginger chopped

salt to taste

Soy sauce

Chili sauce (optional )

Black pepper powder

Take two table spoon of olive oil / vegetable oil and heat it on a pan. Add vegetables to stir fry one by one . Add salt , soy sauce ,black pepper and chili sauce .Mix it well. Cook it for 5 min and then step aside . Now take a Spring roll sheet and add the filling as shown in the picture roll it over and lock it using wet fingers and then deep fry until Golden brown.  serve Hot with tomato sauce .





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  1. Looks yumm…well shaped…I have never tried making spring rolls, though i like having it..this looks like a simple recipe..will definitely try it…

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