Loki (bottle gourd) Theple/Parantha with lemon chili pickle


Ingredients :

For Parantha :

Whole Wheat Flour

Grated Loki (bottle gourd)


Red chili

Cumin seeds

Mango powder

Coriander Powder

Green Chili (optional)

Ginger Grated (optional)

Desi Ghee /Oil


For Pickle :

Lemon Slices

Green Chili (split from between)



Red Chili (optional)

Lemon juice

How to make Parantha  : : : :

Boil grated Loki for few minutes . Now take wheat flour , boiled and drained Loki , add salt to taste , red chili , Cumin seeds , Coriander powder and mango powder . (You can add lit. gram flour and turmeric too) . Now knead a soft dough for making Paranthas . Make small balls with dough . Heat a tawa (pan ) .Take a ball and roll it , You can give it any shape you want. Now place the rolled Parantha on to medium heat tawa and cook it with the help of Ghee / Oil . Serve Hot with Pickle and Butter .

For Pickle : : :

Take lemon slices , Green chili split from middle add salt (salt should be more than the taste )  ,turmeric and red chili powder (optional). Mix well .

Now put this mixture into a glass pot and add lemon juice on to it. mix well . keep it for one day and its ready 😀






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